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I look forward to the opportunity to serve the eastern parts of Lansing and Lansing Township and the southwestern portion of East Lansing on the Ingham County Commission. Though our state and region face challenging times, I believe that we are blessed with many resources and opportunities. Already, this area of the county is home to many regional assets, including some of our region’s largest employers (including Michigan State University and Sparrow Hospital), retail destinations (Frandor and Eastwood Towne Center), and entertainment venues. It is my goal to assist in implementing policies that build on our assets and increase the vibrancy of our communities.

Issues that face the County are often complex and, in fact, oftentimes surprise me. While I cannot speak to every issue that comes before us, I wanted to give you a sense of my personal philosophy and the way I look at issues that face Ingham County. 

Quality Service Delivery

Ingham County has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services, in areas as diverse as our Health Department, our Parks Department, our Medical Care Facility, our MSU Extension Office, our Animal Control division, and so forth. While we are certainly going to continue to be faced with challenging decisions brought on by diminishing revenue, it is my goal to see that we do what we can to maintain the quality of service provided to our county residents.

Fiscal Soundness

I believe a key part of my job is to ensure that our limited financial resources are spent most efficiently in delivering services to our residents. To that end, I pay keen attention to our financial reports and have no problem questioning where our resources are being spent. The source of our funding comes from you, the taxpayer, and I want to be in a position where I can explain why our resources were deployed and for what objectives.

Coordination of Services

I share the belief with many in government today that there are still ways we can continue to economize with the services we provide. Over the past few years, we have realized savings through regionalization of Potter Park Zoo and the 9-1-1 Center. I am interested in other ways in which governments can work across borders (whether geographic or organizational, real or perceived). I am a proponent for bringing the Ingham County Road Commission “in-house” under the general auspices of the County. I am also interested in bringing greater regional buy-in and support to the Capital Region International Airport.


Innovative Programming

Ingham County has a history of exploring and implementing creative programming. Whether it’s through the creation of new programs to work with at-risk youth or through supporting a social justice-oriented philosophy of health care delivery or through creating a county-wide system of guided disposition for foreclosed property, I support the application of cutting-edge programming in our community and empowering our staff to seek solutions that make real impacts on our communities and their residents.


Economic & Community Development

My background is in community economic development, and I bring that mindset with me to work every day at Ingham County. In my time in office, I have sought out positions which will allow me to impact these issues, such as by serving on the County’s Land Bank Authority Board, Economic Development Corporation Board, and on the Board for the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. I am a strong proponent of smart growth and sustainability concepts, including putting a high premium on environmental responsibility and access to transit options. I also have been working hard on programs that seek to re-tool our economy and re-create the image of our County as a place in which to live and invest. Additionally, I believe the county must pursue policies that support our local economy and our working-class families. I am supportive of living wage policies and policies that support the local first concept.


Quality of Life

Our parks and open spaces are some of the most critical quality of life resources we have in Ingham County. Though again we face shortages in resources, I am hopeful that we can continue to maintain top-notch facilities to provide recreational outlets for our residents at affordable prices. From Lake Lansing to Potter Park to Hawk Island to Burchfield, we have some amazing facilities that tie in well to other regional assets (such as Lansing’s River Trail). I am highly interested in doing what we can to maintain these resources. I also support the County’s Open Space and Farmland Preservation program, as I believe our surrounding agricultural and natural lands are key to supporting our community unique character.